Are you ready to become one

with the manifestation of divine energy which makes up the universe? Are you ready to begin your path in mastering the body of knowledge within the Tantra?

If true peace, balance

and a better understanding of life’s purpose is important to you then sit back with a life changing hypnosis coach and “master of spiritualism” as he applies over 25 years of research and experience into an easy to follow, comprehensive “jump-start” program on the art of Tantra.

What can Tantra do for YOU?

Let’s start out with what Tantra is NOT. It’s not a cult. It’s not a religion. It’s not a fad or trend. Tantra may best be explained as a lifestyle that takes you along a pathway of spiritual enlightenment.

Tantra definitely can’t be plugged into any religion or worship ceremony, although many followers of the Tantra lifestyle do find a greater religious experience whatever their faith may be.

Some others refer to Tantra as a Science

made up of thousands of partitions or principles. These partitions connect to one another and sometimes to each other to build and result in a belief system that is often thought as being far superior to any others out there.

If you possess the curiosity

that is inherent in many forward thinking beings, then you are encouraged to learn more about the Tantric ways from this website and the Top Tantra program.

Tantra is Wisdom

Many of the greatest philosophers in history have been living a Tantric lifestyle. You aren’t always aware of it though as many Tantric followers do not always make their beliefs public.

The wisdom you will draw

from this program and the continuing study of the Tantric way is not based on teaching you the teachings of others, but on leading you to the threshold of your thoughts and beliefs.

A program such as this

is designed to teach you how to remove the negative pollutants from your mind so that the wisdom you possess will shine through. If you speak and act with a pure, clear mind wisdom and happiness will follow.

What specifically can following Tantra do for you?

Once you begin following a Tantric way of life you will notice how your health has improved. Your breathing will be deeper and any tension that you have had will be lessened. As you continue your practice you will find that these results improve even more.

Many followers of the Tantric lifestyle

do so for the elevated sexual satisfaction they receive. Tantric sex is probably the most publicized of the benefits from following this lifestyle. You may have read in the news of certain celebrities enjoying wild sexual benefits from following the Tantra. It should be clear though that while these benefits are prevalent, they are only ONE aspect of the many advantages of the Tantric way.

You’ll find that your healing power

is enhanced when you take on the Tantric ways. Whether your pain is in your heart (metaphorically), or in your body, the Tantric teachings show you how to lift yourself up, beyond the pain you feel, and onto a new level of self realization. If you have relationships that are hurting you then your teachings will guide you to a better tomorrow. If you have a nagging soreness, then use your Tantric learning to help your mind block out the pain.

Each day you move forward

and increase your participation in the spiritual followings of Tantra you will begin to notice an increased purpose in how you live your life. Your energy level will slowly begin to improve and the satisfaction levels you have in yourself and everyone around you will improve.

As you enjoy the many advantages

mentioned above, an increased level of satisfaction and inner peace will follow. It may be hard to put your finger on exactly what is happening to your mind but the confidence and strength of your personality will be evident to both you and your friends and relatives.

Your experience of any of the above benefits

will be directly related to your willingness to participate in the teachings of Tantra. The more you can immerse yourself in the history and the concepts of this ancient art, the greater your benefits will be. At first, the benefits may appear to come slow but if you apply yourself to the concepts in Top Tantra, you should be able to take advantage of all the results we have discussed.

If you’re like most people

you’ve been viewing life through the same perspective all these years. Are you ready for the view from above? A superior attitude is a better way to go through life and it affects more people than just you. Everyone around you feels better when they see your positive attitude.

Start feeling good feelings about yourself!

With Tantra you’ll understand all the great things you have to offer your friends and family and the world around you. You’ll recognize your contributions, even if it's the smallest thing. You’ll be able to step back and see how you fit into the puzzle of life!

As a professional therapeutic hypnotist

I have helped people all over the world with a variety of problems, addictions and sicknesses. During my practice I was searching for methods that could enable people to create a path of learning that would change their life for good, forever.

You see, many people live life with barriers,

constantly shielding and protecting themselves from certain things that exist within the Universe simply because they don’t want to feel vulnerable.

The general assumption is

that vulnerability can lead to getting hurt. And while that may be true, it also leads to wisdom which can only be achieved through certain experiences in life, which help shape us.

The thing about Tantra is

that at first glance it can be a difficult concept to understand, much less begin practicing. And that’s why aside from developing something that help people learn more about Tantra, I wanted it to be easy to comprehend and master.

And so I took my 25 plus years of research

and experience as well as my education in Cognitive Psychology and designed something that would enable people to understand and begin practicing Tantra within a few hours.

This is the culmination

of my learning, presented to you in four complete audio modules for your learning and enjoyment. As much as I would like to tell you that Top Tantra will solve all your problems, it won’t. But it will start you on a pathway to a new life with less problems and troubles than you have had in the past.

To you, Top Tantra will be

a new source of positive encouragement and energy. It will help you put your materialistic lifestyle in perspective and adopt a new purpose that will amaze everyone that you come in contact with.

The audio programs are ideal

for listening in situations where you can dedicate your full attention to the material recorded on them. The interactive sessions include specific tasks to help you retain the information. Best of all, you can listen to the audio modules again and again. Most people realize they always hear something new, the second and third time they hear the modules.

Your purchase of the products is governed by the terms and conditions contained in the End User License Agreement ('EULA'). Please read this EULA carefully before completing your purchase. By completing your purchase, you agree that you have read the EULA and agree to be bound by its terms. If you do not agree to the terms of the EULA DO NOT complete your purchase.

I agree to the Terms of the EULA

Tantra Module 1

Tantra 101 – Here you’ll gain a clear understanding of what Tantra actually is as we’ll dispel anything you may have heard that is simply not true.

Basic Purity – Here you’ll discover the role of basic purity and it’s important role in understanding the Tantra.

Desire and Happiness – Here you’ll learn the true meaning of desire and happiness within your life and how to bring them to fruition.

Pleasure and Fulfillment – Here I'll redefine these two terms so that you understand that you are entitled to experience them as part of life.

Handling Disappointment – Here you’ll learn the secret to dealing with unexpected or unwanted events in life.

Tantra Module 2

Tyranny Elimination – Discover the secret to overthrowing the tyranny of ordinary appearances.

Attaining Triumph – This part of module two will cover emerging from dissatisfaction and finding the strength to move on.

Opening the Heart – Here I’ll show you the meaning behind the most important process in Tantra.

The Key To Creating True Awareness – Here I’ll share everything that I know about becoming more aware of self which is the ultimate goal in learning about Tantra.

Tantra Module 3

Clearing Negativity- This part of the module will focus intensely on dissolving self-created limitations.

Inspiration And The Guru – Here I’ll teach you how you can use these empowering resources to your advantage.

Breaking Barriers – Here you’ll learn my secret techniques for overcoming fear of failure/fear of success.

Tantra Module 4

True Tantra – Here we’ll explore your first experience in entering highest Tantric practice.

The Vajra Body – Discover everything you’ve ever wanted to know about the Vajra body and it’s role within the Tantra.

The Deity – Here I’ll show you the secret to arising as a Deity.

The Power Of Accomplishment – Here you’ll discover the key to achieving any goal that you may have.

And Much More!

Once you start the program

you can expect to feel better about yourself by recognizing the special traits you possess and what you alone have to offer the world. You’ll increase your capacity for happiness and experience more pleasure in your life.

Your physical wellness will improve.

With the positive thinking that Top Tantra provides, your body will immediately manufacture less toxins. You’ll slowly feel the result by gaining energy, feeling more alert after a long night’s sleep and spend your days in a more content state.

Your mind will be able to focus

on the things that are most important to you. At work you will perform better and after work you can concentrate on your family or other activities with more direction than before.

Relationships automatically grow

as your disposition improves. More people will desire to be around you and ask for your advice. Your self confidence will improve. Even if you don’t see it…others around you will notice the changes.

Feel more passion for love and life.

Your romantic life will also be enhanced as you learn to enjoy the subtleties of touching, feeling and love making.

And the best part is

that I’ve sifted through all of the information out there and performed the pain staking research that it takes to really learn what content involving the Tantra actually matters.

I’ve then taken all that data

and transformed it into a program that will enable you to start practicing this way of life within the same day of listening to the modules.

That’s how effective and easy this program is to use.

Here is a special program for those who order the Top Tantra program today, through this website.

As a Clinical Hypnotherapist I have helped hundreds

of clients increase their abilities to learn and change through the use of Hypnosis. So, as part of this special Top Tantra package I am including a personal Hypnosis audio module.

This one of a kind audio program

hosted by myself, Steve G Jones is designed to put your mind in the perfect state for improving your life. If at any time you feel tense, nervous, anxious or sad this module is for you. It places you in a heightened state of relaxation and transforms you into a different world where you are in total control.

The Top Tantra Hypnosis module paints

a visual picture in your mind and takes you into a place where you become aware of every nuance that life has to offer. Where there is stress, now there will be calm. Where there was sadness, now there will be happiness. Where there was nervousness, now there will be peace. This module provides so much comfort that many find it addicting and use it again and again when life isn’t going according to their plan.

If you are ready to experience

Tantra in its rawest form without all of the useless information out there, but still including the secret techniques that I will use to help you learn like a master, then act now and take advantage of the opportunity that awaits you.

For just $19.95,

you can discover everything you’ve ever wanted to know about Tantra and begin applying the knowledge to your life as well as those around you….

Place your order now

and begin your path to a better life with Top Tantra in minutes. Once you place your order you’ll be instantly taken to our secure download site where you’ll receive your audio modules so you can start listening immediately

To Your Success

Steve G. Jones.

Don’t wait any longer, take action today and begin to open the window to your new life of complete understanding of all things.

P.S. – Remember you have absolutely nothing to lose because you can try the program for a full 8 weeks before deciding whether or not you want to keep it or not.

P.P.S. – After experiencing the next level learning modules, you will learn so much about Tantra that you will even be able to educate others about it.


Your purchase of the products is governed by the terms and conditions contained in the End User License Agreement ('EULA'). Please read this EULA carefully before completing your purchase. By completing your purchase, you agree that you have read the EULA and agree to be bound by its terms. If you do not agree to the terms of the EULA DO NOT complete your purchase.

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